Residential Wind Turbine Facts

Residential Wind Turbine Facts

What to Know in Residential Wind Turbines

By Lucille Brandon | Co-Author: Nathaniel M Pulsifer

A Residential wind turbine is an alternative way to generate electricity to power homes. This can be used as replacement to or in conjunction with solar panels, making your home environmentally friendly and reducing your regular expenses.

When you think about residential turbines, the traditional tower with four blades reminiscent of the Dutch landscape full of tulips is the first image that may come to mind. That image of a windmill is the predecessor to today’s aerogenerator that uses the wind energy to turn kinetic energy to electricity.

The original invention was used primarily for milling grains, but today is used for electricity, and may just be our ticket out of over-dependence on fossil fuels for generating electricity to power homes.

Windmills were traditionally mechanical- from the Dutch milling machines to the Aeromotors of the American West pumping water into stock tanks.

The modern residential wind turbine, however, harnesses the strength of the wind to convert energy to electricity by turning the blades. Many of these small turbines have furling blades to modulate high wind speeds and are connected to inverters and battery banks to store electricity for use in calm periods.

These wind turbines for domestic applications are not the giant towers you may see on the ridges and offshore developments.

Residential turbines are unobtrusive, generally quiet, on a tower like a flagpole, these small systems have appropriate capacity for use in homes.

There are some things to learn about residential wind turbine. The cut-in speed for home use is generally 7-10 mph. Below that speed is not sufficient to power a home, so it is better to have another power source- grid-tie or battery/ solar backup are the most common. In conjunction with solar panels, this is a great way to make your home environmentally friendly.

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